12/5: Automated reordering of toothbrush sets now available via Amazon Dash Replenishment.


A selection of 3 apps

Choose an app to suit your mood and needs of the day.

  1. MOUTH MONSTER Play a game to defeat oral bacteria.
  2. MOUTH BAND Make musicas you brush.
  3. MOUTH NEWS Listen to news as you brush.
  4. MOUTH STATUS お口の状態に合わせてみがける。

MOUTH CHECK&MOUTH LOG A log shared by all three apps records the usage data.

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Attachment Log

Without needing to connect to the app,
recording brushing data is possible by simply
attaching the device to your toothbrush, turning
it on, and brushing.

You can upload the logs saved in the device by
connecting it to the app.

Different from logs taken when connected to the
app, the brushing duration and dates of these
logs are displayed in gray.

・The maximum amount of logs that can be saved is 21 times (3 times a day x 7 days). ・The maximum duration that can be saved in the device is 12 minutes. ・This function does not apply to family accounts. ・Attachment Log is available only for MOUTH STATUS.

  • お口の状態に合わせてみがける MOUTH STATUS

    MOUTH STATUS compares your brushing style with that of dental hygienists in real-time. It scores how each tooth is brushed, and gives you advice on how to brush more effectively.

    Follow the guidance of dental hygienists and mark the areas with plaque buildup to set a brushing duration suited to your teeth.

    Also, even without connecting to the app, you can record your brushing data simply by attaching the device to your toothbrush and brushing your teeth.

    • App Store
    • Google Play
    • Smartphones and OS compatible to the app >
    • ※Apple, and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark owned by Apple Inc.
    • ※Android, Google Play™, and the Google Play™ logo are trademarks of Google Inc.
    • ※Bluetooth® word mark and logo belong to Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and are being used by Sunstar Inc. under license.
  • お口の状態に合わせてみがける MOUTH STATUS

    Based on information such as guidance* of dental hygienists, you can record the extent of plaque buildup on each teeth.
    *Please receive a check-up at a clinic to ensure the accuracy of your record.

    Plaque buildup and other insufficient brushing can be displayed in 4 levels. According to the levels you set for your teeth, “extra brushing time” is added.

    You can also mark areas undergoing treatment or with tooth loss, as well as your wisdom teeth, to reflect the actual number of teeth.

  • Automatically re-order of Toothbrushes

    A toothbrush past its replacement date reduces
    the effectiveness and thoroughness of brushing.
    This service notifies you of the timing to replace your toothbrush,
    and lets you automatically reorder toothbrushes
    when you have just one new toothbrush left.

    The timing to replace a toothbrush
    is every 90 times of brushing,
    which is about a month in the case of
    brushing three times a day.


    • *This function is available only on the MOUTH STATUS app.
    • *This function does not apply to family accounts.
    • *The brushings on all G•U•M PLAY apps will be counted.
    • *To use this service, activating MOUTH STATUS once a month is required.
    • About Amazon Dash Replenishment
  • Automatically re-order of Toothbrushes

    Set the number of the remaining toothbrushes you have.
    Every 90 times of brushing,
    the “Replace Toothbrush” notification will be sent.
    Each time you press the “Replace” button,
    the number of toothbrushes will decrease by one.
    When you have one toothbrush remaining,
    a reorder will be automatically placed on Amazon.

    On the estimated arrival date of the order,
    the number of toothbrushes remaining will be updated automatically.
    In the case that a set of six toothbrushes is
    ordered: 1 remaining + 6 reordered = 7 toothbrushes.

  • Automatically re-order of Toothbrushes

    The brushings on all G•U•M PLAY apps will be counted.
    This also includes the Attachment Log
    brushings done when not connected to the app.

Rates your toothbrushing MOUTH CHECK

MOUTH CHECK helps you brush more
consciously and effectively everyday.
It compares your brushing data with that
of oral hygienists to rate your accuracy.
The key to high ratings is brushing your
teeth one by one. Aim high for a score
of 100. It is also possible share data among
family members.Use this function with any of the
G·U·M PLAY apps.

  • Records and analyzes brushing data MOUTH LOG

    MOUTH LOG is a record of data such as
    the style and duration of your toothbrushing.
    This diary of your oral care can be displayed by day,
    week, month, and year.
    Bar graphs show the duration of brushing,
    which you can tap on for more details.
    Scores and colors indicate the quality of brushing.
    You will receive high scores if you thoroughly
    and accurately brush all 16 areas of your mouth.

  • Records and analyzes brushing data MOUTH LOG

    Teeth are sectioned into 16 areas in the mouth,
    including external side, dental bite,
    and internal side.
    Check the wave graph and advice for each part,
    and watch the demo video for brushing
    tooth by tooth to learn the effective
    way of brushing.

  • Records and analyzes brushing data MOUTH LOG

    Register for the family account to use
    one device and save the log of each
    family member.

  • Toothbrushing can be as fun as a game

    MOUTH MONSTER will make any kid, young or old,
    into big fans of brushing.
    Use your toothbrush to defeat monster characters based
    on actual oral bacteria. With MOUTH MONSTER,
    toothbrushing becomes as fun as playing a game.


  • The Mouth Monsters that show up each
    time varies from morning, day, and night.
    The game stages also change randomly
    to keep each brushing experience fresh.
    At the end of a stage, a gigantic boss
    monster appears. A defeated
    boss monster may be added to the
    collection book. Wanting tocollect more,
    children will keep up with brushing.

  • Document children’s adorable faces
    with photos. Record everyday to create
    priceless albums of growth.

    For children who love playing the game
    and end up brushing too much, parents
    may set break time for 30-minute intervals.
    The app will also send out alerts
    when children are brushing too hard.

  • Toothbrush turns into a musical instrument

    MOUTH BAND turns your toothbrush into
    a musical instrument.
    Select a mode and an instrument, and brush as usual.
    Three minutes of music is played according
    to your brushing style.
    It is also possible to brush to your own favorite tunes!


  • Song Mode:
    This mode offers a selection of
    standard songs everybody knows.
    The more accurately you brush according to the guide,
    the more properly you can play the songs.
    You may also select from songs in your
    smartphone and brush to your favorite tunes.
  • Free-Play Mode:
    This mode offers a choice of “guitar,”
    “cello,” “violin,” or “drum set” for you to play freely.
  • 3-minute News for Busy Mornings

    MOUTH NEWS plays three minutes
    of audio news while you brush.
    You can customize news topics as you like,
    and save articles to read later during commute.
    Make the most of busy mornings with this app.


  • News
    From current events to entertainment,
    news that accompany your brushing
    are updated morning, day, and night.
    A display of default index items
    “Umbrella,” “Laundry,” “Parasol” to
    refer to as you brush your teeth and
    get ready to leave for the day.
    It is also possible to add your own items.
  • Horoscope
    Register your zodiac sign into
    this fortune forecast ranking to
    find out about your daily horoscope.
    Perhaps toothbrushing
    will bring you more good luck?
    Garbage Collection Days
    Never miss a collection day again
    by registering the dates into the app
    to receive reminders.
    Keep your home as clean as your mouth.

Your toothbrush reflects you

The G·U·M PLAY rubber covers (sold separately) come in a total of five colors.
Dress up your own G·U·M PLAY just the way you like.
They are also helpful when each family member uses separate devices.
Keep clean by detaching the rubber cap from the device to wash or replace.

Pure White/Mint Green/Astro Gray/Bloom Pink/Sky Blue
The G·U·M PLAY rubber cover
¥500 each(w/o tax)

Making your everyday toothbrushing better and more fun.
This might just make your life better and more fun.
G·U·M believes so.
G·U·M PLAY, G·U·M's history of fighting
periodontal disease meets advanced technology.
Experience this innovation for yourself.

Brushing Up. G·U·M PLAY